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Not really even encouraged.

PvP is already facilitated in BG's and Arenas. Being flagged outdoors as an individual risk on PvP servers is all well and good, but the only thing deliberate, "organized" World PvP really offers that instanced PvP lacks is the ability to screw with people who don't actually want to PvP, be it by ganking, "tricking" people into flagging, or wiping out entire questhubs over and over.

If people want to relive the days of Southshore/Tarren Mill, then they should call for bigger, larger-population Battlegrounds focused solely on accruing kills. Something that arguably should exist anyway, if only to perhaps alleviate the other BG's of those players who would rather spend entire battles farming kills while ignoring the actual objectives.

And if it absolutely has to be in the outside world among the rest of us to be enjoyable, then that I guess that just means they're only really into World PvP for the opportunity to maliciously harass non-PvPers and keep them from playing the game.
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