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Originally Posted by Feltongue View Post
Because shit like Chain Lightning on Stormstrike or 10 sec Bloodlust warrants a seperate balancing for the bear whose ass I'm gonna collect.

Just write "I don't like it" ARM, these arguments are silly and I somehow doubt you PvE on a level where it was ever relevant what PvP did to PvE (tho there were some wonky decisions, the fault here was more with Blizzard than the system tho).
That's more than a little unfair.

I loved world PvP, but mine was a specific experience. When my points were done for the week and I was in no danger of falling behind in gear and when I had felt I had ended a week on a good note, I'd go back to Darnassus for RP. Cenarion Circle shared cross realm zones with WRA and occasionally Moon Guard, so there was a good, sizeable community to interact with (probably the only one of decent size). Towards the tail end of WoD, city raids were a thing. I had a policy of responding to pings, even if I had to break off a session. Most people understood, some people didn't.

These were fun events. We had a core group of defenders who would normally be able to stop most attackers, including most "For the Horde" raids. After a while though, it got to the point where people got sick of it. The group of defenders shrunk and shrunk because, while it was fun the first few times, people had other things they wanted to do, and there was really no reward for it.

Defending smaller towns was worse. Sometimes there would be a group that I would have to strategically address, but most of the time I would arrive, trash the attacker, and watch them rez and mount up. There they would sit, hovering, waiting for me to get bored and leave. It got to the point where I would unstealth and stand out in the open to try and get them to attack me. Usually they would do no such thing. Fifteen minutes later, after I had left, world defense would be screaming again. If I do come back, I know the same thing will repeat. If I don't, lowbies can't quest, but I also can't spend hours being a maid because someone wants to have a power fantasy at someone else's expense.

I don't know how you fix these problems or if sharding is the best way, but acknowledging that there are problems is not the same as hating PvP. I always thought this problem would have been much better if flying wasn't possible in pre-BC zones. But, that's not a change anyone is likely to implement.

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