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Originally Posted by OnyxWatcher View Post
All my respect, but if you're going to rewrite the Starcraft lore starting from the plot of very vanilla (episodes I-III), then you better just write your own new universe Because basically that's what will come out from it - you will create totally different story, not Starcraft.
I would understand if you started from Brood War or Starcraft 2, or even last missions of episode III. Even writing alternative Starcraft 2 would be interesting.
The main disagreement I have with Starcraft fans is that they equate Starcraft with Arcturus, Raynor, and Kerry. I don’t like those characters at all. I frankly don’t understand why they’re so important and I could easily live without them ever existing. I would find that preferable, even.

Originally Posted by OnyxWatcher View Post
If someone creates new stories or his alternative canon of given universe, he should put some limit and respect the basics to have the fundament to base your spin-off on. Otherwise it's just rip-off of IP.
I am writing an original rip-off, thank you. It liberally rip-offs the premise given in the Starcraft manual and classic bnet strategy compendium while ignoring the game script completely. You have your Earthling Confederacy, Bug Hive Mind, Jedi Robot Empire, factions thereof, yadda yadda. Just like Atrox, Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis, and StarFront: Collision.

Also, sorry if I sound like an a**hole. I have this psychotic love-hate thing going on with Starcraft that clouds my better judgement. I also totally hate myself for my abrasive attitude that makes it impossible to connect with other people. If anyone feels insulted, then I’m terribly sorry for that and I’m going to hate myself even more for making that mistake.
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