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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
How is it extremist? Why are countries obliged to accept immigrants if their populace mostly does not want to? It may be extremist in the sense that few hold the position of "zero immigration" but it is not extremist in the sense of being morally wrong which is how I meant it.
How is it not? Given how immigration (and the flow of human labor and capital) has been a natural process of participating in an international community of human beings for the past all of human history, it does seem extreme for a country or political union to ban immigration. And when we look at past attempts in American history of curtailing immigration from certain countries or regions, it became transparently clear that the populace that "mostly does not want to" were motivated by thinly-veiled racism and fear-mongering labor scares rather than any actual notions of morality or ethics. Most justifications for it usually are smoking guns and dog-whistle politics for the morally repugnant. That hasn't really changed.
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