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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
So, there's something rather odd I noticed at the end of "A Gathering of Foes," the quest where Alliance players witness Baine getting arrested.

Part of Jaina's text for the turn-in is as follows:

"Sylvanas has made a bold move. We'll go after her, but she's cunning. We need to push back the naga and gather our forces for a final strike."

Strange that she'd say such a thing, considering the naga aren't really present in the central narrative or overtly moving against the Alliance and Horde yet, and presumably won't be until the very end of 8.1.5 or the start of 8.2.
Halford mentions being busy fighting the naga during the quest to to go Stormsong to spy on the Horde as well. I wonder if these quests were supposed to come around the same time as the Crucible of Storms questline originally. It would explain the day long mission already dividing the war campaign neatly into two parts.
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