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Originally Posted by kobebyarlant View Post
Running WoD dungeons for mogs made me realize WoD's main issue was just not being finished. If it was finished and given a proper patch cycle instead of throwing resources at garrisons it would've probably ended well like MoP did.

Cata though was fundamentally flawed on a story, design, and systems level though. It's like the design document was cribbed from a teenage Horde fanboy from the forums. "We'll have every zone be about how COOL the Horde are, they'll kill tons of Alliance in every town. They Horde will be super strong and honorable because Alliance are gay 12 year olds lol. Dungeons will be SUPER hard because scrubs don't deserve epics, only RAIDERS can gear lol. Then Thrall will be the strongest Shaman EVER and be given ALL the power of the Aspects and defeat Deathwing!"

Even the moments that were supposed to be badass for the Horde felt weird.

Like the dozens of demolishers hitting maestra's post just felt... dumb.
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