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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Yeah dude, if freakin' Nazi's got that much action imagine how much a Latino lover boy like you could if he put on some fatigues
Haha A Law student can dream I'll be a Lawyer with a shotgun, fighting for Lady Justice.

Originally Posted by Yaskaleh View Post
There's so many problems with "taking sides" in this conflict. I do not approve of Russia annexing parts of Ukraine but the Crimeans are in favor of it. Also, anything that those guys, the leftists and the EUcrats, support I'll always be very, very suspicious of. The contradictions and hypocricy makes my position even easier.
Pretty much. Sadly, the current scenario doesn't allow easy ways to end this crisis. If Yanukovich hadn't been deposed, he could have called for anticipated elections while he accepted a coalition gov't.

Now we have a coup d'etat supported by UE and USA, and a part of Ukraine under the control of Russia while other regions are possible targets of Kremlin interventions. It's a mess. There's no "good side", of course.

And Jesus... I hope Kir is well. We haven't heard of him for many days.

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