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Orb of Lightning

Originally Posted by Undeadprotoss View Post
Hmm, that's interesting, I think it is a good point that the manual provides a solid, story-telling foundation, but I don't think its necessarily the main problem. I never read the manual, and I really wish I did, but I still loved teh story.
I think all the problems with SCII's story stem from lack of effort. The manual didn't just provide a foundation for the story, it forced the writers to be coherent, clever and engaging.
Originally Posted by SmokeBlader View Post
And the HRE was a meme that went too far.
Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
You are pretty cool for being one of the bad guys.
Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
I was probably just upset about the Horde fleet in the Second War.
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