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Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
Seriously, why do I care about these people?
Eh, Alarak will appear in Legacy of the Void, so it looks like this short story will at less be kind of 'relevant' to some the characters...

& Ma'lash escaped at the end of WoO IIRC, so that's two whole characters that might actually be irrelevant, unlike pretty much every other short story, most of which served no purpose other than to reiterate stuff (like Changeling, Broken Wide, Just an Overlord all showing how adaptive the Zerg are etc.), or indicate that Amon/Hybrids/something are doing stuff (Cold Symmetry).

The characters in Ascension will show up, which is more than can be said for those in a lot of other short stories, & as for caring about them... well they aren't all utter morons, so surely that warrants them more than pretty every other bastardised character?
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