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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
"It has been noted that more Dark Templar stem from the Sargas Tribe
than from any other."

At least they remembered that much from the original manual, even though the Sargas were never really a 'rogue tribe.'

I guess I can see Ara and Shelak being destroyed during the fall of Aiur, but it's irritating that the Furinax and Auriga were subsumed by the Akilae (presumably because the Akilae have a cooler insignia). It would have made sense, given the whole golden armada shtick Blizzard's trying to hammer home these days, to at least give the Auriga a speaking role.

The whole AI thing is bullshit, of course. As far as I'm concerned it contradicts fundamental aspects of the Protoss ethos, serves no purpose when the Khala already unites all orthodox Protoss with the thoughts/perspectives of all others, and is basically a more evul version of the dragoon program. Not to mention the whole 'omg robots are sapient now but people aren't treating them like people, wow, such deep, many profound' trope is pretty fucking cliche by this point.
Ara and Shelak are both parts of Artanis's Daelaam Hierarchy as of the Dark Templar Trilogy, but their role has been subdued. The Protoss are at war, their supreme leader is a Templar Executor. Historians and bureaucrats are less relevant. You're right about Auriga and Furinax.

Is there any way to get a purifier Fenix?

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