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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Uh, that's a weird thing to still hold a grudge over... and kind of flimsy to blame Zeratul for that.
Plus it's pretty strange considering he retained an active leadership role among the protoss throughout Brood War.

I could see the Dark Templar resenting him for skipping town to chase prophecies instead of succeeding Raszagal, but nothing really suggested that the other protoss had any problem with him specifically. He even had a small army of them with him when he found Duran's lab in BW.

Zeratul's whole "brooding loner in exile" schtick in SC2 has always felt a bit "off" to me. He was basically second-in-command of the Dark Templar civilization, then suddenly became a Batman/Brann Bronzebeard hybrid at the start of WoL.
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