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Originally Posted by SmokeBlader View Post
That leaked ending. Yet another genocide apologist ending. Kerrigan becomes space Jesus. She turns human, kisses Raynor and they live happily ever after. People are gonna be pissed. Where you at Mustrum?
And here I thought my biggest ragepoint was that LoTV took months to come out and is currently downloading onto my computer really, really slowly. Damnit, Blizzard! First you make the entire franchise bend over backwards to redeem Kerrigan (I notice you didn't do that for Mengsk) and now this?! Show some respect for the people who pay for your crap, why don't you!

Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
Fenix and Tassadar died for this shit.
And Blizzard have cheapened the latter's sacrifice and the former's death with their chosen story path. #RuinedFOREVER
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