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Originally Posted by HlaaluStyle View Post
Though now I'm thinking that there'd be a lot of conspiracy theories about Valerian. Guy hangs out with Raynor, who has ties to the Protoss and may or may not be the ex-boyfriend of the Queen of Blades, and then oversees an evacuation during a conveniently timed Zerg attack.

The conspiracy theorists would be right, too, which is funny.
Well, right to an extent, it's plain he never did this for personal gain he actually seems to believe in the 'responsibility to rule' stuff and judging by the epilogue he's sincere and doesn't fall to the same personal failings his dad did.

I actually think it's a nice juxtaposition.

Mengsk used Psi emitters to destroy Tarsonis so he could take over.

Valerian helped 'purify' Kerrigan so that when she inevitably came to murder Mengsk civilian losses were kept to a minimum and could smoothly assume power and begin rebuilding.

The bigger problem for Valerian is the protoss relations, remember the Golden Fleet controlled by Amon was literally scouring worlds clean and the Dominion was having the snot kicked out of it.

People -died- to those Protoss forces, and Valerian buddying up with them under the headline "hey protoss aren't brainwashed and crazy now! We're all cool!" is not going to go over well.

I mean, the standard terran has never met a protoss and just knows them as "Those fuckers that glass planets"
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