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Yeah the setup and the sword both seem very stupid.It's like, Kerrigan's expy is going on a Kerrigan-like plot of revenge... I am quite wary of this.

Should have stuck to "she is an agent of the Dominion, she goes on missions, maybe a plot is subtly woven in between, a plot where she decides what she wants, which is ideally to remain without memory wipes and still serve the Emperor if he can inspire her and other ghosts' loyalty."

Fucking with people's minds is the ugliest aspect of both the Confederacy and the Dominion, it should stop and it would serve as a nice plot, especially if someone within the ranks convinced the Emperor and the brass that a loyal soldier is better than a brain-panned one.
It would fit in very nicely as a follow up to SCII where the Valerian's dominion needs to learn and decide what of the old system should stay and what should be changed.

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