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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
So it seems we're seeing a Repeat of Arcturus Mengsk's old Tarsonis strategy, but by the defenders of man. They're luring in zerg to civilian planets with Psi Emitters and then swooping in to save the day to discredit Valerian.
Hmm, strange. One of the implications back in SC was that the terrans only thought the zerg were drawn to the psi emitters by instinct, while their behavior was in reality driven by Overmind pursuing the psi emissions in the belief that they were coming from an exceptionally powerful terran psionic it could infest. The whole psi emitter plan only really worked at all under the assumption that the Overmind was mistaking their emissions for something else, while the terrans hadn't yet deduced that the Swarm was being guided by an advanced intelligence that might eventually catch on and stop blindly chasing after psi emitters.

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