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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Defenders of man have an interesting aesthetic, I find myself wondering if there's a hint of old UED in them.
So, upon finishing I'm wondering the same. The name kinda bespeaks a potential human supremacist angle.

Though they could as easily be unrepentant supporters of Valerian's father who flourished under the old regime and fell on hard times after. Or maybe some folks who were just plain that loyal to him. We and the protagonists know he was a bastard, but at the top of his game Arcturus knew how to belt out some effective propaganda and spin, so it's possible his whole "united humanity against everyone else" spiel might have created some zealously devoted, honest-to-goodness believers who didn't appreciate their new emperor having stood by as one alien force rampaged through Augustgrad before joining forces with another alien force who set fire to everything on several terran worlds.

With the pair of clasped arms on it, their sigil bears a marked resemblance to that of the Dominion and its inspiration the Sons of Korhal, though having a globe in the back is vaguely reminiscent of the UED emblem. The black star is probably open to interpretation, as it seems to be present in the symbols of the Defenders of Man, the UED, and the Dominion.

The use of psi emitters could potentially swing either way, as both the UED and Mengsk's government were both known to use psionic devices to manipulate the zerg.
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