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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
... why would a Protoss be walking out of a bar? They have no mouths so they cannot drink.
He went out of ghost compound to the bar, ostensibly a place picked at random, to observe humans

Also, is Genya flirting with me?

Valerians sitdown with Umoja is interrupted by a single Leviathan showing up, the terrans are concerned at first but it has a zerg messenger named Mukav that asks Artanis for help in protecting the zerg from the protoss, and that Zagara wants peace with everyone, Valerian and Matt Horner try to get more out of it but Mukav seems to have limited responses, other than the fact that Artanis and Zagara are at Gystt, a planet the protoss glassed around the same time as chau saura, they can't get more out of Mukav

Valerrian has Hyperion prepped and personnel from the surface loaded and heads off to investigate
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