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Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
No mention of Izsha?

I love how Zagara is basically a victorian styled queen

Edit: The Betrayer is Abathur. For the reasons you imagine. How surprising right?

How so?

Yeah, sad.

ANYWAY continuing for the others, but further abreviated.

The Survey team makes it into a chamber with a bunch of zerglings and Psykolisks and pods. They note that the pods are on one side and the rest of the zerg are against another wall, the team guesses this is because they don't want the pods to get damaged by accident in fighting, they check the pods, which have smaller zerg inside with the same pattern, it's hard to make out their exact shape in the pods though.

The Psykolisks and other zerg attack, the team is able to take them out thanks to Tanya breaking out her pyrokinesis. They decide to blow up the pods because they figure they're growing the Psykolisks and psionic zerg would be super dangerous if they're mass produced.

Back at the conference, Zagara and Abathur are outraged at the Terrans killing the "Adostra" claiming they're harmless, and dreaming, they deny the existence of the psykolisks, saying that none of the Adostra have the abilities Valerian is describing. Artanis thinks Zagara's full of shit, and leaves apparently starting preparations to glass the planet, Valerian stays wanting to get to the bottom of things.

Zagara says Abathur made the Adostra and the Adostra made the plants, the Adostra were suggested by Xel'naga-Kerrigan, Abathur used Xel'naga essence strands from Ulnar plus a species kerrigan found that was nonviolent and not fully sentient.

The Adostra are basically starcraft green dragons / druids, their dreams nurture plantlife. This also implies the Adostra are not really zerg.

Valerian, Zagara, and Abathur try to figure out what attacked the survey team if Zag and Aba both say they didn't make anything like the psykolisks. Abathur says the terrans are lying, things break down, Valerian asks the survey team to get some psykolisk remains to analyze / use as proof.

Survey team goes in, notices some of the pods they'd burned are empty, which is weird.

Valerian tells them to go to another mound to get fresh samples since the burnt ones were no good.

The protoss were already in process of having his dudes check the second mound when their small force got jumped, some other terrans were sent to check the mound and helped what was left of the protoss who were damn near shredded by the psykolisks. The protoss had a disruptor set off by Cruikshank with his warhound and blow the place up as the psykolisks started trying to move a pod out of the place.

Leaves just third mound which the survey team is heading to.

Valerian and Zagara are still talking, Zagara says the murder of the Adostra was a crime against the universe, and that she can't make more without Xel'naga strands since the Adostra can't breed yet but Abathur thinks they might eventually.

Valerian ponders whether the psykolisks themselves might be causing problems without Abathur or Zagara knowing, among other things, and really wants the survey team to get him answers.

Back at the team though dropship has them en route to the third mound, Tanya is sad because she figured out all on her own that Ulavu is a dark templar and feels their friendship was a lie, Erin drops by though and notes that aside from the red dot pattern the Adostra don't look like the psykolisks, much less like zerg, and there were way more psykolisks than empty pods, so something is weird.

Tanya isn't in much of a mood to listen but learns from Erin Ulavu had some minor injuries and so she goes to confront him in Medbay, he apologizes for hiding his secret stuff from her, mentions he was sent to find a terran telekinetic, she mentions there were two in the program, he says he blew them off to hang out with her because they're both assholes and wouldn't have been friends with both him AND her. Understandably this put him on the outs with the rest of the protoss. He was at the bar to see if any other terrans had telekinetic ability that weren't ghosts, specifically he'd heard a telekinetic that died on chau saura had family and might have passed on his skills.

Whist drops in before they can talk further and asks how Erin is alive, when the zerg and psykolisks had them pushed so hard in the pod room, they decide to grab her and Dizz and all talk at once.

Valerian decides to use a psi emitter to lure zerg away from third mound to try and make things safer for survey team.
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