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Wrapping up Summary.

A bunch of mutalisks grap the dropship as they're going towards the psi emitter, Valerian and Matt realize they'll just get dragged into the mass of swarm around the emitter if it keeps up, and can't shut off the emitter because of the psykolisks.

Valerian tries to message zagara but can't get to her, no one's answering the calls, so he and Matt use a small nuke on the emitter.

The dropship gets loose of the mutalisks but then ends up crash landing.

Cruikshank and some protoss set up a defensive line at a chokepoint to keep the zerg from returning to the third mound.

The survey team gets inside the mound after realizing the zerg had tried leaving Erin alive in the prior skirmishes to have someone try and leak the psykolisks existence once the rest of the team was killed, and get the terrans/protoss to fight the zerg again.

Everyone figures it must be Abathur since there's very few high ranking zerg.

Survey team gets bottled inside the third mound and works on defending itself, Ulavu reveals this new protoss weapon, it's basically like a double-sided light-saber that you throw and it spins and cuts down waves of zerg, it's why they wanted a terran telekinetic to continue working with it. Apparently protoss telekinetics and terran telekinetics are different?

Ulavu also tries talking to the Adostra to have them 'wither' or kill the psykolisks but their thoughts are so dang alien he can't get much out of them.

Zagara has a devourer barf a psykolisk body at Valerian and Artanis's ships, so they can autopsy it and figure out wtf the things are.

Erin uses a flamethrower on masses of zerg trying to murder them at mound three but can't get clear, thanks to Ulavu and the others though she gets out alive but unconscious with second degree burns. The protoss help evac her manually since the psykolisks are fucking with the warp prisms.

Zagara then shows up and brings the zerg attacking them back under control and after a chat with Valerian they go to her leviathan.

Abathur and mukav are there, Mukav translates zerg thought-speach between them to the rest of the team.

Abathur doesn't feel the zerg can continue to be unique and evolve and chase perfection if they don't fight and beat the Terrans and Protoss, feels Zagara and her promise to Kerrigan not to assimilate the Adostra is foolish and wrong, feels the Adostra are abominations. Zerg name for the psykolisks is Chitha apparently.

Abathur tries to swarm them all with Psyolisks, big fight ensues, mukav on Abathur's side, and Tanya burns out her ghost implant limiter so she can use her pyrokinesis to fry them all, she collapses and wakes up to find they won, Abathur got dragged back by Zagara but is left alive, Valerian and Artanis work out a treaty or agreement of some sort with Zagara.

Apparently the survey team loses their fucking minds because they agree to keep Ulavu being a spy and dark templar a secret since he's leaving to go back to the protoss and Tanya agrees to help them find a trustworthy terran telekinetic.
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