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Originally Posted by Gromak View Post
So Abathur's a bad guy, but what happens to him?
Zagara tears him apart until near death but keeps him because he is needed. His Heroes of the Storm form is probably the result of that fight since Zagara was literally tearing him to shreds and Ab is supposed to be huge

Abathur feels like a very traditional zerg antagonist. He does what he does because Zagara actions go against how he was programmed (The Swarm must evolve in accordance to their eternal quest towards unachieveable perfection and to do so it needs war, the Swarm must consume all and destroy what cant be used). Zagara wants peace + is seeding worlds with non zerg life. On top of that Abathur gets jealous of bioengineers better than him as we saw in Heart of the Swarm and the Adostre are miles better than he could ever become.

His plan was also clever, its mostly obvious he is lying because we, as readers can see both sides (the novel is split between the aforementioned team stuff and the Valerian/Zagara/Artanis stuff, although both eventually interlink and join) and Abathur isnt great with the social stuff beyond the basic "They (the team) are lying" (which we known is not true)

An scrapped idea of Heart had Kerrigan making Abathur build his replacement by parts and mindwiping him after he built each and when he finished, she killed Ab. They might reuse that plot with Zagara eventually

I also feel like the betraying broodqueen Ab modified might have been supposed to be Izsha in an early draft

While his betrayal was kinda predictable, i dont think its a bad story.

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