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Alright, just played through last three missions.

First one has you infiltrate Davis's compound, Valerians abdication speech is a ruse to distract most of Davis's forces on the planet while Nova sneaks in to arrest Davis. Delta, Pierce, and Stone are all there and have been brainwashed, thankfully only Stone is far enough along that you have to fight him, and you're able to do so without killing him.

After you arrest Davis and make what she was doing public, the Dominion public is shocked, but Alarak shows up and begins attacking the defenders of man on the planet, Valerian and Nova have to fight the Tal'darim to protect all of the civilians on the planet from being murdered in the crossfire, and the Dominion fleet is brought in too. You get 3 "Gorgon" battlecrisers that can strafe the battlefield to wipe out chunks of the Tal'darim on a 180sec cooldown, which was pretty nice.

Davis escapes in the confusion but you track her to some shipyards where she and the Hardcore defenders of man that didn't leave her when they found out she was using psi emitters to stage attack steal a big 'weapons platform' called the Xanthos, it's basically a robot with a Flamethrower, Railgun, Carrier drones, and missile launchers.

Once Nova takes it down, she kills Davis despite Valerians orders to take her alive. Back on the ship, Reigel says that he and the crew are more loyal to Nova than the Dominion or Valerian (Though Reigel doesn't seem to dislike Valerian he seems to have misgivings since he was formerly in the Moebius foundation and when that turned out to be "EEEEVIL" it destroyed his career in the public field) and they become the Dominion's...

Nova: "The Dominion will always have problems, and we can solve them our way."

Valerian and Horner decide to let Nova go "For Now" since the Public was pretty okay with Davis being killed rather than going to trial considering all the shit she pulled.

Frankly I am not a fan of the lore in the last bits, I understand the antipathy Nova has for Davis but they didn't build it up as well as I'd have liked. This does seem to confirm though that Valerian's stopped or at least significantly scaled back the Dominion's mind-wiping and brainpanning, otherwise Nova wouldn't have been able to disobey him.

In a way though, I hope that Valerian told Reigel to have her go 'rogue' so that he'd have an agent who nominally has his interests outside his direct command for plausible deniability in dicey situations.
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