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Originally Posted by Drusus View Post
It's pretty typical of Blizzard though. Lives only matter when they're a named character. Faceless, numberless, mooks and redshirts don't matter. If a character kills hundreds of unnamed soldiers and civilians, it's largely irrelevant but as soon as they target a named character? They're a monster.
They try to make it a big deal that Nova's going to bother to remember the terrible shit she does now, and this helps explain why she's so pissed at Davis in the covert ops missions for screwing with her head, but none of that changes that the ending basically makes her murdering those people Meaningless.

I can only think that, since this is the second time in a short period that Valerian's been at odds with the Umojan's (First in Evolution, now here), that this is setting up future Dominion hostilities with them, now that Valerian is 'the man', instead of Arcturus and they're not as chummy with him.

(Arcturus sending a bunch of battlecruisers after Kerrigan in their territory probably didn't help)
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