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Not sure what to think, I mean if Zagara will not assimilate the adostra then this is not a fundamental transformation for the zerg. They will not be able to get plant biotech, at least not to the same extent as they utilize their standard biotech. Unless Abathur gets his way eventually and breaks Kerrigan's directive. I mean they are keeping him alive for some reason, story-wise. Thooooough this is Blizz we are talking about, so they can just hammer the lore until it does what they want. It's not like consistency and past developments ever stopped them before.

Another thing that is weird is, why are psionic abilities new to the swarm? Overlords and the zerg chain of command overall is psionic right? And they have absorbed psionic species like humans and others before. I suppose the protoss and xel'naga levels of psychic powers are new to the swarm but still.

With everyone backing down by the end without hard feelings this signals that we will have a time skip. This is good, Blizz always stuffs way too many events in a short time, IIRC all of Starcraft non-backstory events happen in 10 years time, including this book and its 3 years break. I can only assume they push events so close together so their characters don't age or God forbid die of old age. No they must remain static both in style and demeanor when out of action.
The time skip, if I am right about it, could add as much as 20-30 years with all major remaining characters still being primed for action. Valerian and Horner would be in their 40s or 50s and zerg and protoss characters tend to age slowly or not at all.

Kinda ambivalent about this book, and yeah those guys accepting and ignoring a protoss spy seems dumb as hell, but there are upsides. Maybe when I get a hold of this book myself I will be able to judge it more precisely.
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