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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Another thing that is weird is, why are psionic abilities new to the swarm? Overlords and the zerg chain of command overall is psionic right? And they have absorbed psionic species like humans and others before. I suppose the protoss and xel'naga levels of psychic powers are new to the swarm but still.
The general sense I've gotten since SC2 is that the use of "psionic" has leaned more toward encompassing the particular brand of telepathic energy found in human psychics and the protoss of Aiur.

The psychic capabilities of the zerg, Dark Templar, Tal'darim and Amon are drawn from void energies instead, and so they aren't psionics.

The Xel'naga (and when he killed the Overmind, Tassadar) can use both energies in tandem, though presumably favor void energies given their native realm. The implication is perhaps that psionic energy is connected to the evolution of form, while void energy is connected to the evolution of essence. Hence Kerrigan being able to become a Xel'naga; as a human/zerg hybrid, she possessed the combined genetics that allowed for tapping into both types of psychic energy.

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