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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Cerebral? The heck did you find cerebral about her story in Swarm?
In some ways it was focusing on exploring what made her her. She questions herself, and has doubts. Personally I really fucking loved it. There were rough patches but as a character study it was good and Kerrigan underwent more development in Heart than ANYWHERE.

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Good call, establishing yourself as a person of reason and integrity with your very first post.
SC1 was rough in places but it was a good story. However, I think that BW was overrated. Fanatic Templar beautifully explained why it wasn't quite so hot and why the characters were all idiots. SC2 had problems but I'll take it over BW.
Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post
The SC2 storyline is a giant retcon. It even retcons the setup in Dark Origins where Duran outright stated that Kerrigan's infestation sped up his progress. It retcons the Jim/Keri fanfiction pairing as true when they knew each other for three or four missions like the Star Wars prequels after he said he would kill her for manipulating and murdering his friends. It is a deeply misogynistic mistreatment of Kerrigan that emasculated her and tried to make her sympathetic when her whole allure was that she was a strong independent evil queen who didn't need no man. It destroys the moral relativity that made the three factions unique by throwing in a generic evil overlord.

Here's how I would have written the story, based on the SC1 plot.

Wings of Liberty: Jim's romance plot is replaced with a revenge plot. He intends to make Kerrigan human so he can kill her at her weakest and end the zerg. Jim allies with Mengsk when the Zerg start invading the Dominion and abducting the human population to create an army of psychic soldiers to assault the Khala in psychic combat.

Humans prove difficult to infest without destroying their minds due to complex neurological and genetic factors. A breakthrough is made when data is recovered from a Terran science lab that was involved in creating "mutates", humans spliced with Zerg genes that retained their intellect. The Zerg intend to refine the process and remove all that pesky free will, but in the mean time the Zerg form an equivalent to Warcraft's Cult of the Damned to acquire willing human converts.

Jim and Mengsk succeed in spite of great costs. When Kerrigan becomes human and is about to die, Duran swoops in with his hybrids and saves her.

Heart of the Swarm: Duran reveals that he is an agent of the Xel'naga government (the ones who modified the Protoss and Zerg were civilian scientists). He intends to merge the Protoss and Zerg as the new Xel'Naga, since their race reached their peak billions of years ago and are now dying out as foretold in their prophecies. Kerrigan plays a key role because human psychic powers are needed to breach the Khala and assimilate the Protoss. Cerebrate is the player character from SC1/BW, and is repeated as being bound to Kerrigan by the Overmind. Because of his young age, he didn't panic and go mad like the other Cerebrates upon the Overmind's demise. Duran intends to mature him into the new Overmind. Cerebrate is utterly devoted to Kerrigan and even as he evolves towards Overmind status this doesn't change.

The side-plots revolves around modifying the zerg to be less decentralized to avoid the dangers posed by psi-emitters and void energy. New cerebrates are created to fulfill specific needs (these are rewritten from the HotS characters). Queens and Overlords are given higher intellect to enable them to function independently without any possibility of rebellion. Little information about the xel'naga culture is given, save that they had a bizarre religion similar to both the protoss and zerg belief systems. The hybrids are poor protoypes at this point.

The specific knowledge of Kerrigan's rebirth was lost when the first Overmind died, so Duran suggests they make a religious pilgrimage to Zerus and see if the ruins of the Xel'naga science ships might contain clues to repair her body (she is technically a mutate at this point). Kerrigan impatiently agrees despite the well-meaning concerns of the new cerebrates. There they discover that Zerus has flourished into a jungle world where Zerg exist without an Overmind. The first spawning pool is the remnant of the genetic lab where the original zerg parasites were refined and the Overmind was created. It would surely provide Kerrigan with the knowledge she needs to generate a new chrysalis.

After the Zerus arc concludes, the Zerg assault Mengsk in order to decapitate the Dominion and make it easier to control. However, Kerrigan allows her pride to make her fight Mengsk and Raynor personally. They disable her with another psi-disruptor and successfully kill her. Third Overmind goes mad with grief and bombards the surface, turning the planet into a blasted rock. Raynor and Mengsk are dead and their victory amounted to nothing, as Duran already has everything he needs to perfect infested terrans with psychic powers.

The campaign ends with a shot reminiscent of that scene in Battlestar Galactica where a legion of naked Grace Parks stand side by side, only here it's an army of Infested Kerrigans.

Legacy of the Void: The protoss become even more morally ambiguous by being forced to make impossible decisions to save themselves from the Zerg. The remaining Terran factions ally with the Protoss. After Duran reveals his motives the Protoss experience a new schism with some defecting to the Zerg to help save the memory of the xel'naga. Much to everyone's shock, Artanis and Zeratul are among them. Much genocide ensues.

Eventually the Protoss resort to uploading themselves into robot bodies and sacrifice their psionic potential. Duran is initially shocked and horrified but quickly dismisses them as a failed experiment. He proclaims humanity has purity of form and through them the Zerg have inherited the mantle of the xel'naga. The Zerg abandon the Koprulu sector and the protoss and terrans are left to pick up the pieces. Ultimately, every faction lost the war and nobody got what they wanted.

In an epilogue, Zeratul appears and reveals he has created the adrosta and chithai from the Starcraft: Evolution novel using Duran's data, as penance for his many crimes against his people and his gods. He spews a bunch of mystical ramblings about dreams and life and stuff, then commits ritual suicide. He has a dying vision of all his now dead friends and foes applauding and welcoming him to the afterlife.

And that's what I have to say to that.
You're outline isn't very good. First of all Kerrigan in BW could be seen misognistic. It's the "damsel who needs to be killed." She's generic and her fall didn't even make that much sense. She was established to be a strongly moral person in many ways (Devoted to Mengsk, CARING for Jim (not necessarily love but she cared) and not only wanting a better future but opposing using the Zerg even on the people who made her life a nightmare for years. I can buy her becoming angry, vengeful and a tad sadistic, but not as evil as she was in Brood War. Heart of the Swarm gave her a reason why she cares for Jim and why her feelings are the piece of humanity Amon and the Zerg couldn't extinguish (he was the one person who treated her like a human being and showed her kindness).

Also Amon ISN'T a retcon. Duran was established as a deeply monstrous individual (using people as pawns, being an evil SOB all around); he also abandoned Kerrigan to the combined forces of the Terrans and Protoss so he probably didn't care for her all that much

Finally it's too bleak. One of the reasons Warhammer is hard to get invested in is because nothing good happens; humanity's boned no matter what. SC2 being more uplifting worked better since it's easier to care for what happened. In SC2 things change for the better; in WOL Raynor makes real progress and the Zerg finally face a real loss (BW retconned Aiur into a Zerg victory); in Heart the Zerg are less assholish and humanity has it's first truly benevolent leader in decades; in Legacy the races are at peace, the Protoss are finally evolving, and Amon's fall means that the era of strife and misery is over.

There's loss along the way, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Too many people seem to associate Bleakness with good writing. If things are only bleak that's crap.


Originally Blizzard explained that what they were trying to convey was "Raynor originally wanted to kill Sarah. Once the artifact raised the possibility of deinfestation he realized she could be rehabilitated, and sick of wallowing in despair he tried to gamble."

Honestly SC2 had flaws. But the overlying story (Kerrigan's redemption, Amon and the Hybrids) was not the problem.

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