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Originally Posted by HlaaluStyle View Post
I didn't dislike Starcraft 2, but it definitely let Kerrigan off the hook way too easily.

The game was fun to play, but it didn't stick with me. The first one did... but honestly, that might have been because I was 14/15 when I played it. Don't get me wrong, the first game was definitely better written, but I think a lot of the fondness for it rests on nostalgia.

Admittedly it's been a very long time since I've played it, so there are likely good (and bad) elements of the original that I've just plain forgotten.
Originally some of Sarah's egregious acts in Heart (killing Lassara) Weren't there. Hell they would have interacted more and lassarra would have become a friend. They should have focused on making Kerrigan penitent. Hell I posted an outline earlier of how I think heart should have gone. It would have emphasized her inner turmoil and desire to atone for her crimes.

In some ways SC2 was an attempt to tell an epic story and for that I can't fault them. There are tons of thins you can lampoon about Brood War for instance. Fanatic Templar and Drake Clawfang both lampoon SC2 and call out it's flaws....but they're willing to turn the lens on BW too. All too often a lot of people try to avoid doing this and treat brood war as some gem.
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