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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Eh, StarCraft isn't really inherently about karmic justice, though.

In fact it's frequently about karmic injustice. Brood War especially is all about totally wanton and unrighteous retribution. Which I think is part of why A LOT of people don't like it.

My issue with SC2 and Kerrigan was more that she was portrayed as being somewhat righteous and principled in a way she never has been. They really boiled her down to a much more simple moral dichotomy and involved some really lousy unwarranted false equivalency.

That's not quite true though. She had clear moral standards and a desire to make a better future. She certainly cared for others. She wasn't some bitter barely human creature. Her desire for revenge on the Protoss made no god damned sense either

Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I think it's a toss up between Diablo 2 (+ expansion), StarCraft (+Brood War) and WarCraft 3 (+Frozen Throne).

I know those are all kind of obvious choices (and they haven't done a whole lot otherwise), but I like all three for very different reasons.

Yeah, I get ya. I'd personally argue that Kerrigan is relatable in Brood War even if she's not particularly sympathetic while I personally believe she's far less relatable in StarCraft 2, and more unambiguously, almost manipulatively sympathetic but that's neither here nor there really.
Honestly not really. In bw she's a cardboard cutout. Heart was a attempt to add depth. It's results were mixed but the fact she undergoes more development there speaks volumes

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