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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I think it's a toss up between Diablo 2 (+ expansion), StarCraft (+Brood War) and WarCraft 3 (+Frozen Throne).

I know those are all kind of obvious choices (and they haven't done a whole lot otherwise), but I like all three for very different reasons.

Yeah, I get ya. I'd personally argue that Kerrigan is relatable in Brood War even if she's not particularly sympathetic while I personally believe she's far less relatable in StarCraft 2, and more unambiguously, almost manipulatively sympathetic but that's neither here nor there really.
One problem is that she so quickly reverted back to her "Queen of Blades" persona. Yet at the same time, she came off as a watered-down version of the same.

If they'd wanted to actually make her sympathetic, they should have have her been less certain. When circumstances require her to do something awful (like with that one protoss woman), she should show guilt. Instead, she adopts the same imperious attitude but is supposed to be likable.

Plus, there's a strong implication that she's murdering millions of humans (it's a little blurry, since she does hold back from civilian casualties on Korhal, but it seems to be there).
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