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Originally Posted by Ol'Yoggy View Post
That's not quite true though. She had clear moral standards and a desire to make a better future. She certainly cared for others. She wasn't some bitter barely human creature. Her desire for revenge on the Protoss made no god damned sense either
I have no idea what you're talking about here.

When did she have clear moral standards? When she was working for a terrorist cell as their go-to assassin and second in command? When she took revenge on Rumm in Uprising by eviscerating him? When she allowed her commander to exterminate an entire planet without raising a finger? In heart when she acts selfishly and self-righteously while flipping back and forth between wanting to save civilians and wiping out planets left and right?

Beyond that, my comments on Brood War are that her desire for revenge is unambiguously NOT righteous. It's petty and childish. Sometimes people are petty and childish. And it's not always necessarily logical or sensible.

At least the very least she's ideologically consistent in Brood War. Her modus operandi in Queen of Blades is essentially: "Challenge me in any way shape or form and I will bring you to your knees." And she follows through on it in a far more sophisticated way than she does in Overmind. Plot contrivances aside. (Which... no game in this series doesn't have strange plot contrivances)

The Protoss had been challenging her since New Gettysburg, they caused nothing but headaches and anguish for her. The fact that they're 'good guys' doesn't change that.

Honestly not really. In bw she's a cardboard cutout. Heart was a attempt to add depth. It's results were mixed but the fact she undergoes more development there speaks volumes
She... really doesn't. She's a very, very different person from the beginning of Rebel Yell to the end of Queen of Blades. She's... more or less the same person in Heart from beginning to end. Outside of the random, unwarranted shifts in characterization.
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