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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I have no idea what you're talking about here.

When did she have clear moral standards? When she was working for a terrorist cell as their go-to assassin and second in command? When she took revenge on Rumm in Uprising by eviscerating him? When she allowed her commander to exterminate an entire planet without raising a finger? In heart when she acts selfishly and self-righteously while flipping back and forth between wanting to save civilians and wiping out planets left and right?

Beyond that, my comments on Brood War are that her desire for revenge is unambiguously NOT righteous. It's petty and childish. Sometimes people are petty and childish. And it's not always necessarily logical or sensible.

At least the very least she's ideologically consistent in Brood War. Her modus operandi in Queen of Blades is essentially: "Challenge me in any way shape or form and I will bring you to your knees." And she follows through on it in a far more sophisticated way than she does in Overmind. Plot contrivances aside. (Which... no game in this series doesn't have strange plot contrivances)

The Protoss had been challenging her since New Gettysburg, they caused nothing but headaches and anguish for her. The fact that they're 'good guys' doesn't change that.

She... really doesn't. She's a very, very different person from the beginning of Rebel Yell to the end of Queen of Blades. She's... more or less the same person in Heart from beginning to end. Outside of the random, unwarranted shifts in characterization.
1.) When she is openly disgusted by using the zerg on the terran soldiers even though they're the same people who tortured her for a decade. Yes she had a darkness inside her but she wasn't some depraved harpy one bad day away from falling. She CARED for Raynor (note I said cared not loved; even though the overmind orders her point blank to kill all the terrans she lets Jim go, and this was when she was the overmind's thrall) was loyal to Mengsk (and is implied to have believed in the justness of his cause.). Even Tarsonis can be explained as a.) she thought that Arcturus would see sense and evacuate everyone once the Confederacy was dealt with b.) misguided loyalty. She wasn't some psycho like you claim. In Heart even when she's at her lowest she expresses regret (she openly expresses remorse for killing Lassara) and she has a genuine heel realization (when she's trying to justify her actions on the Moros she sounds more like she's trying to convince herself whereas she's far more confident in her justifications on Kaldir). THAT'S how you do a developing character.


"There she is again, the young woman that experienced deep distress on Antiga prime, facing the ethical conflict between sacrificing millions of lives and the command of her savior who (apparently) always knows whats best and cares deeply about her. That is not the reaction of a cold blooded killer."

If she was as cold blooded as you claimed she wouldn't have ANY doubts at all about Antiga Prime or Tarsonis. That she did shows she had a conscience.

2.) Okay now I know you didn't play the game. At the start of the game she's conflicted over whether to go after Mengsk or try to live a normal life. After Mission 3 when she thinks Jim's dead she becomes more cold and angry, determined to do whatever it takes to get her revenge despite misgivings (though she does show emotion when reminded of Raynor). After learning Raynor's alive she starts to question herself. After Raynor calls her out she realizes how selfish she's been and starts actively caring about civilian casualties. She's not the same person at the end that she was at the beginning. She changes her beliefs for legitimate reasons (Become violent when it looks like her one chance at normalcy was taken from her by the same asshole who wrecked her life the first time).

BW Kerrigan is the same character from start to finish. She stays static and is not really all that interesting.

3.) I NEVER said Kerrigan wouldn't be vengeful angry and bitter. Hell I can even buy her being somewhat sadistic. But NOT to the degree she was in Brood War. This is the woman who was disgusted at using the zerg on the same people who tortured her for a decade. She's not going to instantly go to cartoonish acts of sadism on people who humiliated her in a scrap a few times. That's like going after the kid who stole your lunch money a few times and it's a complete 180 from her previous characterization. That is stupid writing in every sense of the word.

The fact remains it was ENTIRELY legitimate to buy that the BW Kerrigan was the infestation amplifying an inner darkness that was there and not entirely by choice. You seem to think that it was only possible to say that Kerrigan must have chosen it of her free will. At best it was partially it but there were other factors.

It's basically grimderp bullshit and I for one think it's shitty writing. SC2 tried to actually make it possible for there to be a light in the tunnel. Unfortunately a lot of emo little shits are of the opinion that grimderp = good storytelling so they overexxaggerated the flaws that were present (and yes there were flaws) while ignoring the flaws in the allegedly mature BW.

HOTS had problems; trying to make Kerrigan change over the course of the story rather than being snidely whiplash the entire time wasn't one of them. You seem to think a character being static is a good thing. Too many people want her to stay the way she was in Brood War even though characters need to evolve. That or they were overly attached to Fenix and were just bitchy that the story went in a different direction

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