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I disagree with the assumption she would change her personality AS drastically. Change it yeah but not quite as extensively.

My main point was that Kerrigan wasn't really that complex in BW. She's basically a comic book super villain. And given that even as the overminds slave she still showed a few instances if humanity (disobeying the overmind and sparing Raynor) her going full hog didn't really ring true to me.

I also feel that if the same series has bleak endings again and again it's harder to care

Someone else made this point:

"Now why would a complex human, given great powers, immediately turn into a comicbook super villain? Even if we accept your claim that the mind of the being that was the Queen of Blades was not mostly the work of the Overmind and still very much the human being Sarah Kerrigan, why would she completely forsake the possibility of salvation, the hope of ever experiencing affection or love again? If she always was the psychotic being you make her out to be she wouldn't have been able to experience a connection with Jim - and even the loyalty and devotion to Mengsk, who pretty much was a father figure for her."

That she made connections with others shows she had human virtues as well and wasn't as psychotic as you'd like to imply. She had a darkness certainly but there were more human traits and the second campaign implied they weren't fully extinguished. That she only felt tired after Jim called her out also implies this. She wasn't completely irredeemable and it was still possible to argue that the infestation influenced her darker traits. You might not like that interpretation but it was there

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