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Who made that point? In response to me now? Why do you always do this? Can you not just have a conversation without calling in back up?

And I don't think you understand what I mean by psychotic at all.

She's mentally ill and unstable. Mentally ill and unstable people can have human connections. Some people's fathers beat them, having a 'father figure' isn't always a positive thing or a positive connection. And I don't think Mengsk IS a positive father figure to her even before he betrays her.

I'm not sure why you think I'm arguing she doesn't have virtues, I argued that bloody Brood War Kerrigan has virtues. The only way even be a thing is if she was an honest to god sociopath, and I don't believe her to be a sociopath. My point is, someone who has darker impulses is of course capable of doing vile things and pre-infested Kerrigan has some pretty dark impulses. I just find it really infantilizing that SC2 acts as if she was a happy, friendly nun or something.

And it's not that I don't like that interpretation, it's just not really backed up by much and it kind of cheapens the whole thing. It takes all the agency out of the character and makes excuses for her. It's also not in evidence in Brood War at all. It's never implied, and the characters don't treat her as if she's under a curse or whatever. They treat her as if she is in total control of her actions and hold her accountable for them. It's just not an aspect of the story.
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