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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Who made that point? In response to me now? Why do you always do this? Can you not just have a conversation without calling in back up?

And I don't think you understand what I mean by psychotic at all.

She's mentally ill and unstable. Mentally ill and unstable people can have human connections. Some people's fathers beat them, having a 'father figure' isn't always a positive thing or a positive connection. And I don't think Mengsk IS a positive father figure to her even before he betrays her.

I'm not sure why you think I'm arguing she doesn't have virtues, I argued that bloody Brood War Kerrigan has virtues. The only way even be a thing is if she was an honest to god sociopath, and I don't believe her to be a sociopath. My point is, someone who has darker impulses is of course capable of doing vile things and pre-infested Kerrigan has some pretty dark impulses. I just find it really infantilizing that SC2 acts as if she was a happy, friendly nun or something.

And it's not that I don't like that interpretation, it's just not really backed up by much and it kind of cheapens the whole thing. It takes all the agency out of the character and makes excuses for her. It's also not in evidence in Brood War at all. It's never implied, and the characters don't treat her as if she's under a curse or whatever. They treat her as if she is in total control of her actions and hold her accountable for them. It's just not an aspect of the story.
Actually that was from something else; unless you go by a different name on team liquid there wasn't anything to do with you. Basically some wanker was going on about ow how horrible heart of the swarm was and four of the commenters called the guy an idiot and said his interpretation of Kerrigan was simplistic (and that bw Kerrigan was two dimensional). The thing I wuoted basically summed up my thinking on the subject

Now you're strawmanning me. I agreed she had a darkness inside. She also had goodness in her as well that was still a part of who she was despite being an assassin.

YOU didn't draw that interpretation but others (Genya and Hawki) drew it on their own. Others elsewhere felt her transformation was dodgy and didn't fully make sense so it could be that they felt the writing was flawed. YOU might not have seen evidence but others did. You saying otherwise is remarkably arrogant and while the characters treat her like she's in control others interpreted it otherwise. Or they saw it as a way to reconcile what they saw as incoherent development. And for the record I don't think it cheapens her. It means that the darkness within was amplified and she still had to overcome her own inner flaws. That's a fine arc on it's own. Also while psychotic people can make connections they don't form deep ones a lot of the time. Kerrigan's deep connection with Jim didn't seem like that (that she was still angry about Antiga months later, as well as the fact that she convinced herself "Arcturus will do the right thing" implies that she genuinely believed those actions were wrong. She didn't defy Arcturus but she clearly felt they were immoral; since the confederacy made her hellish existence go on a long time that's impressive and speaks somewhat well of her). She had a violent streak but could be said to be a good person in some ways. She was an idealist as well.

Basically you seem remarkably smug. In other debates I've seen you rather cowardly dodge arguments that disagree with you. And given the strength of her connection with Raynor (disobeying the overminds instructions and letting him go) it meant she couldn't have been AS psychotic and unstable as you'd think.


In some ways the "evil powerful female who needs to be put down" can be rather sexist itself.

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