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Others elsewhere felt her transformation was dodgy and didn't fully make sense so it could be that they felt the writing was flawed. YOU might not have seen evidence but others did.
Then present the evidence that her physical transformation was directly responsible for her behaviour. Even her demeanor in Brood War is different from Overmind.

Basically you seem remarkably smug. In other debates I've seen you rather cowardly dodge arguments that disagree with you.
If someone disagrees with me, they disagree with me. I try to address the points people make properly. I'm pretty earnest in my discussions or I try to be. I certainly don't make it a point to ignore a point unless it's a repeat of a point they made before.

In some ways the "evil powerful female who needs to be put down" can be rather sexist itself.
Most of the things that make that type of story sexist aren't present in Kerrigan's story in Brood War. In fact, most of the stuff that's sexist about that kind of arc is in Heart of the Swarm, not Brood War. (i.e. woman is evil because she was rejected, she's lonely and needs a man, etc.).

Also while psychotic people can make connections they don't form deep ones a lot of the time.
Yes, they do. We also keep using the word psychotic which isn't really what I meant.

that she was still angry about Antiga months later, as well as the fact that she convinced herself "Arcturus will do the right thing" implies that she genuinely believed those actions were wrong. She didn't defy Arcturus but she clearly felt they were immoral; since the confederacy made her hellish existence go on a long time that's impressive and speaks somewhat well of her
Here's my bloody problem. It's not impressive to go 'maybe we shouldn't unleash a horde of ravenous aliens on a civilian population and/or soldiers doing their jobs'. That's not especially moral. That's the normal reaction that a normal person would have. It does not prove that she is above reproach.

What would be remarkable is if she did a damn thing about it. She doesn't. She's Mengsk's thrall. She's weak, she knows things are wrong but she doesn't have strong convictions and thus doesn't stand up to him. And if she has weak convictions it's more likely she'll abandon those morals in the face of adversity.
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."
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