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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Then present the evidence that her physical transformation was directly responsible for her behaviour. Even her demeanor in Brood War is different from Overmind.

If someone disagrees with me, they disagree with me. I try to address the points people make properly. I'm pretty earnest in my discussions or I try to be. I certainly don't make it a point to ignore a point unless it's a repeat of a point they made before.

Most of the things that make that type of story sexist aren't present in Kerrigan's story in Brood War. In fact, most of the stuff that's sexist about that kind of arc is in Heart of the Swarm, not Brood War. (i.e. woman is evil because she was rejected, she's lonely and needs a man, etc.).

Yes, they do. We also keep using the word psychotic which isn't really what I meant.

Here's my bloody problem. It's not impressive to go 'maybe we shouldn't unleash a horde of ravenous aliens on a civilian population and/or soldiers doing their jobs'. That's not especially moral. That's the normal reaction that a normal person would have. It does not prove that she is above reproach.

What would be remarkable is if she did a damn thing about it. She doesn't. She's Mengsk's thrall. She's weak, she knows things are wrong but she doesn't have strong convictions and thus doesn't stand up to him. And if she has weak convictions it's more likely she'll abandon those morals in the face of adversity.
1.) Except that it wasn't just "maybe we shouldn't unleash a horde of ravenous aliens on a civillian population and/or soldiers doing their jobs." It was "maybe we shouldn't unleash a horde of ravenous aliens on a civilian population and/or soldiers doing their jobs" EVEN WHEN THEY WERE FROM THE SAME ORGANIZATION THAT HAD MADE HER LIFE A LIVING NIGHTMARE FROM THE AGES OF 8 TO 18. Many people in her situation would have been gleefully on board with a plan to hurt them back regardless of whether they were civilians or not. Kerrigan didn't, and THAT speaks well of her (the fact that she was opposed using it EVEN on the people who tormented her.) Her line about "Arcturus will come around. I know he will." and "The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg" also provide another explanation. She thought Arcturus would evacuate the people of Korhal once the Zerg took out the Confederacy, or felt that there was some chance of survival from the Zerg.

2.) You try to, but there have been cases when someone has made a point and you've just asserted your opinion regardless of the points actually made.

3.) Except that's not wholly true. It didn't say "She's evil because she's lonely." It was "she feels revenge is all she has left so she's going to do whatever it takes regardless of the cost. The "need a man" doesn't really hold up to inspection either. Kerrigan only went apeshit on Rumm after he murdered Somo Hung (who she cared for). And the fact she violently killed him could be seen as her getting revenge on him alone. Also, it's entirely probable that had Raynor been a woman she'd have had similar reactions; In Uprising she's drawn to Hung because he's a genuinely good person who cares for her. Raynor, like Hung, genuinely cared for her and wanted to help her. As such Kerrigan would have felt a connection. THAT'S why Raynor's memory worked to calm her; because he was one of the few people who was nice to her she couldn't just brush him off, meaning that his words had weight when they called her out. You're basically manufacturing reasons to not like her.

4.) Except that she DID show proof of morality even as a zerg agent.

Overmind: Well done Cerebrate! What I have wrought this day shall be the undoing of my enemies! Let not a Terran survive. Basically the Overmind ordered point blank to kill all the Terrans. Kerrigan directly disobeyed these orders when she let Jim leave with his life. That implies a fairly deep connection. She does make an excuse that it's because he's not a threat but that doesn't really hold up. She still disobeyed the Overmind's direct orders. She was also genuinely stung when Raynor threatened to kill her.

5.) There IS precedent for physical problems making people violent. Charles Whitman (the guy who shot people from the clocktower) had a tumor in the part of his brain that controlled fear and rage, and that almost certainly influenced him to make the decision he did.

6.) Kerrigan went from the "I don't like doing horrible things even to the people who horribly wronged me and needed to be persuaded to do it" to "I will be outlandishly cruel to the protoss even though Tassadar just outsmarted me that one time". That's just shitty writing no matter how you spin it.

7.) The "hitman with morals" is an established character so Kerrigan wasn't meant to be seen as "mentally unstable". They form connections but they tend to be rather shallow ones.

There's a reason I accuse you of rose colored glasses. You're unwilling to turn the lens on Brood War and have gotten rather aggressive when people disagree with you about it. You rather scornfully refuse to address Genya too.

I'm willing to acknowledge Heart of the Swarm's flaws, but I also acknowledge it had good elements. You refuse to turn the lens on the thing YOU like which is rather dishonest
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