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Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
Actually, my point is more like "our opinion is a valid interpretation too" because the way you word your posts makes you seen like you're unable to understand how could anyone interpret the plot in a different than yours and that Blizz made a mistake when its OBVIOUS that mentally the Queen of Blades = normal Kerrigan.

Idk how you have defended BW before, i dont go around stalking you. In the end of the day, it doesnt change the fact that they didnt even bother testing the zerg-infested girl "without morals" (according to you) and then acted surprised when she backstabbed them, which is idiotic no matter how you spin it. If we get an "Starcraft Chronicles" i wouldnt be surprised if they add an "Kerrigan was subtly manipulating them psyonically to make them more trusting of her"
I'm talking about how the story presents itself. You can have an interpretation but I think that particular interpretation is pretty unfounded in the story itself. But I mean everything I say is obviously just my subjective perspective. I'm... not sure why I have to say that.

Also: no one acted surprised that she betrayed them. Except Mengsk -- sort of. But I think that was more that Mengsk had this idea of this practical, sensible business deal that he and Kerrigan had and as long as the UED was around he could trust her to keep her end of the bargain (I also think he massively underestimated her ability to mobilize against him -- no proof for that one, though). But Fenix and Raynor pretty much spend the whole QOB campaign going 'she's probably going to betray us', but they sort of seem to have the same attitude that the UED is the bigger threat and it's worth the risk. (Though I don't think that was explained very well in the story.) But they very clearly don't trust her.

Also if you read between the lines really: Mengsk would have gotten arrested and executed by the UED if Kerrigan hadn't interfered and without her there's absolutely no way he's getting Korhal back and it's implied that Raynor and Fenix would have been overwhelmed by the feral Zerg on Aiur if she hadn't intervened.

I'm not saying you should have known that I've discussed this before, but I'm not going to bother to respond to it if I don't feel like it. I'm not obligated to respond to every point someone makes in a discussion. Eesh.
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