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No. Before i write anything else, I didnt say you couldnt disagree like you stated here

All right, from now on I won't disagree with anyone then. Thanks for showing me the light.
I dont think that either me or Yoggy has said your SC1/BW interpretation is invalid, because it isnt, while on the other hand you dont even acknowledge why we might see things that way, instead just outright saying our vision is "wrong" and "unfounded in the story". Disliking or disagreeing with our views on the story is perfectly fine and normal, but (in this specific case) outright saying they are "wrong" and "unfounded in the story" when this perception aligns with SC2 story makes you sound like you have your head shoved in your ass.

When I comment on the futility of continuing this debate, i do it because; despite your views being perfectly valid without taking in account the sequel, SC2's story was written taking as basis a perception of SC1/BW plot that differs from yours (but aligns with mine) so if we made this a "Who Got It Right" contest you wouln't be the winner, as in the end, "Blizz" who is the author of the plot, saw things differently to you. Maybe it's original vision of SC1/BW aligned with yours but by 2010 or whatever SC2 got released, they saw the story from a different perspective (one that aligned with mine). That doesnt make any of them less plausible, but SC2 exists and only one is canon.

I hope you finally understood my point and i'm gonna leave it here, because you're giving me FojarXLordaeron lite vibes and i know better than to stay in one those "discussions"

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