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That's kinda it. Aldrius is free to his interpretation but he acts like it's the only one you can legitimately draw, which is the height of pomposity and arrogance. I disagree and feel that Kerrigan's redemption was entirely plausible based on what we see in BW and SC1; him saying you're wrong is just being a jerk.
Good lord, that's not being a jerk. And beyond that you blatantly have thought my interpretation of Kerrigan in SC1 was wrong and hell you've done worse than that, you've blatantly criticized me for even liking Brood War -- implied that I'm an edge lord and constantly told me "I have rose coloured glasses". As if I'm some naive simpleton or something.

You're not wrong to like it, you're not wrong to have an opinion, but I think your take on the story is incorrect. And you obviously think mine is and have argued against it numerous times. So I'm not sure why everyone's getting so sensitive about this.

If he wants to like BW that's his right; but he should be consistent about it and willing to turn the lens on things he likes
I actually don't have to do anything. But I do recognize storytelling flaws and a lot of issues with the presentation in Brood War.

As to... SCLegacy (since I guess we're going to keep belabouring this for whatever reason). Fnatic doesn't even like Brood War. He pretty much dislikes everything passed the Fall as I understand it. Or as far as I remember. So I'm not sure he's as exemplary a bipartisan as you're making him out to be.

I seriously do not remember my conversations with Fnatic and Hawki being that contentious (though I hardly remember even saying much to Hawki). Fnatic wasn't really all that respectful of my perspective when I'd debate him, though. So I'm not exactly sure what I did that was so much worse.

What was your user name on SCLegacy even?

Hell I think they realized this with Diablo 3; in that game the heroes score an unambiguous victory against Diablo rather than just unintentionally fueling his plan
I mean, as strange as it is to do that in a dark sci-fi epic, it's even weirder to do it in a horror game. It kind of makes everything a lot less scary if there's hope.

But Diablo kind of weirdly transitions from a Horror game to a high fantasy over the course of the series. Which StarCraft kinda did too. StarCraft 1 is actually kind of a sci-fi Horror like Alien at times -- Brood War transitions into being more of a space opera. StarCraft 2 takes that even further. So there's that I guess.
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