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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I don't hate the Xel'Naga artifact and I don't hate the Xel'Naga temple. The only thing I hate about the Artifact plotline is the WoL Tal'darim. They didn't really do a very good job with the Tal'darim until Wings of Liberty. And even then the only reason I think I like them there is because of John De Lancie. Seriously, John De Lancie was the best casting decision outside of maybe Josh Keaton and James Harper in all three games. Alarak's design is kind of cool looking too I guess.

He finds there're issue with Iron Fist too if I remember right -- I mean most people on SCLegacy aren't fans of the plot holes in Iron Fist. I am pretty generous with it (mostly because I love the two admiral characters) but I think there are reasonable explanations for the plot holes therein.

He said he enjoyed it overall despite the plot holes. Also Tvtropes pointed out that Amon making the khala makes khas even more awesome. He took a tool made by the devil for evil forces and used it for good uniting people through compassion. That's pretty cool when you think about it. In any case there was a dark force out there. Amon wasn't entirely out of left field
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