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Fenix is the new Commander.

He posseses three different forms, the zealot-mech-thing from legacy of the void, a dragoon form and an arbiter form. He can switch between them freely aside the cooldown. If he dies, the cooldown of the active form is longer, but he can easily use his other forms to return to the battlefield.

His units include zealots, adepts, immortals, scouts, carriers, disruptors(?) and the collosus. One special thing, Fenix' Purifiers can research personalities of heroes which promote one of your corresponding units into said hero. Units act as a "shell" for a hero, so if someone dies, they switch bodies with another unit.

The heroes:

Kaldalis from the opening LotV cinematic(Zealot with Raptor Jump and can be upgraded to Cleave)
Talis from the LotV Prologue(Adept with Bouncing Glaives and an upgrade that that debuff enemies)
Taldarin from the N64 Campaign(Immortal whose attacks pull things together and can be upgraded to make the enemy explode upon death)
Warbringer from Enslavers(But he's a Colossus with green slowing lasers and an upgrade for an orbital strike ability. Not a Reaver anymore, paging u/Jayborino)
Mojo from Enslavers(Scout with an upgrade for AoE Anti-Air Stun and Damage(Not sure what his first ability is))
No Danimoth from Enslavers because Fenix commands his singular Arbiter RIP
Clolarion(Carrier with a Void Ray laser and can upgrade for Bomberceptors)
Finally, during leveling up there is a special trait which he unlocks: it removes all tech requirements for buildings, hence, you could for example go for carriers from the very start.

Also, all units and structures have purifier skins.

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