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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
But in that attempt at viral marketing, Project Blackstone, Dr. Rothfuss (I believe) said that Terran encryption is backwards and easy to crack. Plus to even access the adjutant they had to hack into it so that alone puts questions about the validity of things stored on it. I remain by the idea that audio can be easily spoofed and that Mengsk's propaganda machine could have easily discredited it. But anyhow that is a minor thing lets not get stuck on that.
The adjudant ain't Terran-tech though. Judging from its presence on the Alexander and Umoja, It's probably UPL technology.

What do you guys think about the point that the main issue with SC2 villains is that we never played from their perspective like in previous RTS games?
Hrm, it would have helped for sure, but I'm not sure it's necessary. During Warcraft III, we never really play from the perspective of the Legion. Sure, we played the scourge, and the scourge was kinda semi-doing their bidding, but Raynor was also kinda semi-doing the bidding of Amon.

Originally Posted by Almed View Post
I have not a doubt that making SC2 try so hard to be a soap opera was key in its disappointment. Blizzard was never really good at character driven stories as opposed to making interesting settings for you to explore.
Honestly, I don't think the soap-y aspect of Starcraft II is actually that bad. The primary difference between WoW and Starcraft II's usage of characters actually fits with how the game is structured. The story's focus characters are also the game's main characters, and you spend a ton of time interacting with other characters in an environment that's specifically been set up for that purpose.[1]

I actually rather like Kerrigan's character arc in Heart of the Swarm. I like Raynor's interactions with his rebel buddies (even if Tychus is kinda redundant to the story of WoL).

The point about villlains is important here. Using WoW, I would say that a key problem in its Lore is how it transformed into what can be called the antics of a bunch of dysfunctional superheroes. Despite this, the faction leaders aren't well done enough as characters to have so much attention dumped on them. Can you tell me that Anduin has the pull of Arthas?
I don't think the dysfunctional superheroes idea applies nearly as much to starcraft II as to WoW.
Firstly, the power disparity between main characters and the rest of the universe is not even close to being as close to and inexplicable as it is in WoW. Raynor can't single-handedly wipe out a dozen marines without breaking a sweat story-wise, not like Garrosh (who has spent half his life sick in bed, grew up malnourished, has no special training, no extensive practical experience, and goes into battle near-naked) being able to plow through small armies of experienced veterans by mere virtue of him being a main character and them being nameless NPCs
Secondly, they're not the ones winning the war. In WoL and LotV, the main characters sit mostly on their ships. You actually get to use them on the battlefield only fairly rarely. Instead, wars are won through the blood, sweat and sacrifice of the masses, something which the story repeatedly acknowledges. [2]

I can also tell you that I enjoyed Abathur, Gabriel Tosh and Alarak a lot more than Amon.

[1] Though the main Leviathan screen utterly shatters my suspension of disbelief every single time I see it. Seriously, that's terrible.
[2] Except in that one stupid cinematic with Raynor on Valerian's ship. That has to be the lowpoint in Starcraft II's storytelling for me.
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