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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
The colour palette was used to signify a faction, whereas in SC2 everything's just kind of the same colour and you have good guys and bad guys.
To be fair, even in the original Starcraft, the use of colours as factions was pretty underwhelming. Sure, the manual gave you a nice listing of the faction names and which colours belonged to them, but that ends up being really poorly integrated into the actual campaign gameplay.
For the Terrans, only half the colours appear in the actual game, with Nova Squadron, the Umojans and Kel-Moria all missing.
For the Protoss, the color distinctions really don't matter, because for some bizarre reason, they chose to use colours to represent an internal distinction that no longer exists among the protoss.
For the zerg, there is the issue that the same colours get reused even when it doesn't make sense. Not only does Zasz's brood keep appearing after his death, it keeps appearing with new cerebrates.

Warcraft III doesn't do much with it either now that I think about it. Kul Tiras has blue units, the scourge don't have distinctins, the night elves distinctions are never explained, and the orcs don't really seem to use the colour system at all.

Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
But I'm fairly certain in the Protoss campaign they said they're shutting it down.
Raynor says they're going to try and destroy it, yes. However, Zeratul says even earlier that it's Aiur's 'last functioning warp gate'.

Either statement must already be a lie. So, let's look at which is more likely. Let's assume that there are two gates. The first gate must not have always connected to Shakuras. That means that the warp gates can switch destinations quite easily. Either you could secure the gate by just switching addresses or turning it off, in which case there's no need to blow up the original gate, or even a gate connected to a different location can't considered secure, in which case the 'other' gate shouldn't be left intact either. If the former, they would still have the original gate. If the latter, they wouldn't have a second gate.

Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I dunno how, but I find WoL and HotS both incredibly straight-forward and predictable, and they pander to their audience. While also being massively inconsistent and chaotic and random.
Oh hell yeah, they're predictable. Just because I know what all the pit stops are does not mean that the journey is meaningless though.

I'd agree that WoL is "massively inconsistent and chaotic and random". HotS seems way more sanely structured in its plot though.
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