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Can I just say, as someone who got into SC2's Multiplayer just three months ago, I do not understand why people enjoy cheesy plays. I see people praise such plays all the time, but they just make me salty af. It's especially bad when I play PVP, as it seems that whenever a Protoss player sees another, their reaction is to either cannon rush the fuck out of them, or settle down for long macro games involving both sides going Skytoss and the one with better macro winning. The latter is still quite fun, but I do not enjoy the former. It's not that bad when it's less common, but I find that PVP more often than not will have one player attempting to cheese. Hell, if it was rarer, I would actually enjoy the games more, because it would be innovative and unconventional. The worst part is when you get cheesed in two or three games in a row, as even winning in that situation isnt much fun(the other player is quite likely to just surrender when their tactics fail).
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