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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
It's the same story we see now with Germany menacing the Visegrad group for being against the mandatory refugee quotas. The many join against the one, for trying to follow their own ways.

Say what you want, and don't put any bullshit tags on me, but life on Germany was very good the years before WW2, while the winners, UK and France, were still eating shit. Stuff like roads, families having cars, etc. And to top it off, coming from a wasteland of a country, the losers of WW1. We could discuss why WW2 actually happened, and the capitalism-communism-fascism war of ideas, but that wouldn't lead anywhere really.

The point is that, until the war came, fascism worked. Germany turned into a world power in a few years. And even then, with the whole world against them, they still put up a fight.

The price, however. I'd like to believe we can become prosperous without needing to kill dissidents, burn books, etc. I value my freedom a lot, but if things keep getting worse and worse, people will trade it for safety. After all, it's just another luxury. I don't want to live in a world like that.
So let's forget about racism and holocaust for a moment...

There's clearly a distinction to be made between the fascists whose fascism was purely domestic, and those whose fascism/nazism was DOCTRINELY DEPENDENT on invading neighbors with no foreseeable end and triggering the rest of the world. The latter was the case with Italy and Germany. That's why they were doomed.
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