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Originally Posted by Aneurysm View Post
So during that financial crisis some ten years back nearly the tax payers of Sweden ended up having to pay for the banks to stay afloat. Billions of dollars (tens of billions of SEK). Because that's what you do in a democratic society, you pull your weight, and the weight of those incapable of pulling their own. Even if they are arch capitalists you do so, because we're all in this together.

Well, at least we are until it's time for the banks to have their taxes and regulations raised and tightened slightly. At that point they fuck off over seas to avoid their responsibilities.

Howsabout we collectively and globally agree on not being profiteering, backstabbing dickwads in the future? It'd make the world great. Let's make the world great.
I suggest outlawing usury every few months and no one seems to be able to stomach the idea.
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