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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Yes, but Germany was also racialist, hyper-nationalist, and imperialist. Same with Italy and its pseudo-Roman imperialism. Yet, these traits are not inherent to the core of Fascism, racial and ethnic imperialism really came only after Hitler, and in the beginning, Fascism was far more culture oriented.

Let's look at a hypothetical scenario. Say we had this fascist state, somewhat like Lon-ami described before. Fascist, but oriented solely inwards, representatives actually genuine, not after power or money, and very importantly, able to achieve autarky on its own, without any expansion. Would it be a pleasant place to live? Absolutely not if you were a liberal or a member of a group deemed problematic. But would it be effective? I have to say yes there. In a brutal, cold, absolutely uncaring way, but yes. Now, would it, once the situation allowed it, turn towards democracy as Lon-ami suggested? Hard to say. Perhaps under a very specific set of circumstances. But even in that case, I doubt it'd be a liberal democracy, more likely a conservative/authoritarian one.
Exactly, there's pretty much no way it was going to end well.

And I'm agreeing with the others, we'd need to see some more examples besides Spain because I'm having a hard time thinking of any dictatorships that segued to democracy like he's suggesting is 'common'.
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