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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Exactly, there's pretty much no way it was going to end well.
What exactly?

Originally Posted by Taintedmage View Post
This is something that's talked about in political development literature, "Democratic Development Theory."

It basically posits that countries cannot be fully functional democracies until they reach a certain level of development. Distinctions are often drawn on what needs to be developed in order to create a functional democracy.

Often times we're talking things such as media access, education, literacy, culture, etc to make the way for a stable democracy.

Other elements are put into consideration such as the "resource curse" where countries rich in natural resources end up becoming dictatorial because they don't need to politically mobilize the population to make money.

Oil Rich countries like Venezuela, the Saudis, Russia aren't likely to see functional democracies.
Indeed, hence why I mentioned the ability to achieve autarky in the hypothetical scenario, even though it is not exactly the same scenario as resource curse (albeit they can overlap, which is often the worst case, autarky states rich in demanded natural resources often had very stable authoritarian regimes).
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