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Originally Posted by HlaaluStyle View Post
Autarky usually fails if done for very long. Sometimes it's done in order to help grow native industries/companies, but the problem is that they become like hothouse plants: they can't thrive once they're exposed to competition.

Some of the post-colonial states attempted autarkic measures, going for self-sufficiency. It usually didn't work that well. India and China both isolated themselves, but eventually had to stop since they were stagnating. India had a lot of nationalized companies that were protected from competition, but these often provided terrible services.
Are you sure you are not speaking of a closed economy and not autarky there? Autarky is simply when the state can exist without external help or international trade if needed be, but that does not mean it can't be present. For example, the United States were autarkic during the 19th century, yet they still engaged in international trade.
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