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Hey again!

Some dude wrote a huge proposal for a Starcraft alternate universe. Most of it is just exploration of cultures and tech trees. If that's too much for one sitting, he also posted a separate 14 page timeline detailing the major events, as well as a 150 page document compiling the posts.

The AU is based around 4 major changes to the plot of Starcraft: the Queen of Blades is replaced with Zerg breeds created with a Terran core genus, the Duran/Hybrid/Xel'naga plot is dropped, the UED plot is tweaked to follow the Umojans rather than Earth, and Zeratul sacrifices himself to kill the Overmind rather than Tassadar.

I am really loving it so far. It focuses on everything I find interesting like the different conflicts and moralities underlying each of the races. It feels generally more believable, too. I am disappointed it has not gotten more attention, but that's life!

More detailed breakdown:
No Kerrigan, instead the Zerg will have Assimilated Terrans as units.
Awesome! Queen of Blades lacks a consistent personality, lacks the Zerg's unique perspective, and only took power because the plot said so. These "Assimilated Terrans" look so much more interesting. Not content with one, the author gives us no less than THREE soylent green monsters.
No Duran, Amon, nor major Xel'Naga Plotline such as Hybrids nor Prophecy.
Great! I always felt this stole the thunder from the Zerg and adding a 4th race distracted from the conflict between the Terrans, Zerg and Protoss.
UED is replaced by the Umojans, and the Kel-Morians will also be a major component.
Also great! It made no sense to me that the backstory went to so much effort to have Koprulu cut off from Earth, only for the very next expansion to say "lol! Earth was secretly spying the whole time!"
Zeratul sacrifices himself instead of Tassadar during the Death of the Overmind.
Sure, why not? I guess Zeratul wants to atone for leaking intel and Tassadar wants to train new twilight templar.
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