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Originally Posted by Ol'Yoggy View Post
The issue is that you can be rather churlish about it and are inconsistent. There are problems with SC2 but in many ways it is superior than Vanilla. You can interact with the other characters more and get a better sense of their motivation. Details are more explained rather than the little blurbs we get.

It's basically that you hold SC1 on a pedestal and ignore that a LOT of the things you slam SC2 for are in SC1 (in some ways SC1 is WORSE).

SC2 had problems but in terms of presentation it blew SC1 out of the water and the underlying ideas had the potential to outclass SC1
Originally Posted by Aldrius
Like, seriously. You like Heart of the Swarm. Good for you. Go enjoy it. Stop bothering me because I don't like it and probably never will.
I'm not being churlish. I'm not a hypocrite for liking SC1 more than SC2 or thinking it's better.

Some dude wrote a huge proposal for a Starcraft alternate universe. Most of it is just exploration of cultures and tech trees. If that's too much for one sitting, he also posted a separate 14 page timeline detailing the major events, as well as a 150 page document compiling the posts.
As someone who enjoys fan-writing and stuff like that, that seems like... a ton of work for very little payoff.

Also I feel like changing the original game is kind of... weird.
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